Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TV Snob

I've never really been a TV person, and (sadly) I've always kind of prided myself about this. I guess I'm a little bit of a TV snob. Well, now I'm humble. I'm totally addicted to American Idol, which by the way, I have been bagging on for about 6 years now. What's even worse is that Craig is totally addicted too. We actually plan our whole evening around when our "show" is on. Sick. The other night Craig got home late for work and seriously sprinted up the stair to see who was getting voted off. I can't believe that I'm even writing this... But I LOVE IT! My favorite part is to listen to Simon bag on everyone. "That was absolutely terrible, I thought it was completely predictable, The vocals were pathetic, etc. , etc." I can't get enough of that guy. Craig was totally bagging on me the other night because I voted for David Archuleta like 8 times. I love this kid! And he sang a John Lennon song, so automatically he's a favorite. So, now you can all say your a witness to the fall of a total TV snob.

Can't stand this kid------->

Love this kid-------->

Um, enough said.


Marisa said...

I was the same way Cori! This is the first year I've watched the whole season of American Idol. I also can't stand Danny Noriega. It makes me mad that I even know his name. I don't care that he's gay, but he has SUCH an attitude problem! Ughh. How do you feel about the girls? I really like Sayesha.

Scott said...

Craig -
Don't worry, I don't believe a word of it. Your family was upstairs, you got home from work late, and you wanted to see them. A good husband and father would sprint up the stairs to the room where his family is. Good for you, you are an example to men everywhere.

Scott said...

Oh, Scott, don't pretend like you don't love American Idol as well:)I caught him watching it last night when I came home. Unfortunately, we haven't seen any of the guys perform because we watch The Biggest Loser on Tuesdays.

RachelBarker said...

Cori- I totally understand you! And about the kid you dont care for.... when is he going to be voted off!!!!!!!!!! enough said. :)

Darla said...

this too is the 1st season I've been addicted to American Idol. I thought I was pretty cool not being into it and all. Well, I've fallen for it. That Danny was way to femme (sp?) and fortunately, he got voted off last night! I mean, come on! Yes, you're gay but do you really have to act like such a freak? I love you COry! Hopefully someday soon I'll have our blog up and running!

Marc and Stacy said...

Welcome to the tv dark side my dear!! :) American Idol is one of our favorites too! It's addicting! You know what though, I got tired of flipping channels when I finally had time to watch TV, trying to find something I actually wanted to watch, so we finally got DVR, so I just tape what I want to see and don't waste my time on anything else!!!
Go David Archuletta!! :)

Kaisa Bailey said... I forgot to tell you this a while ago because it's been over 2 years, but I totally watched Roswell with my sister-in-law Natalie and got addicted to it like you were in your high school days. Isn't that so weird? Maybe not, but I was never a TV watcher so for me to watch all of the seasons of Roswell was kind of a big deal. I love you!

Kami said...


*laughs* I've gotten caught up in a few seasons of American Idol, but I've avoided this season as I'm not a big TV watcher. The last time I cared was when Daughtry was on, and when he got voted off, well, I didn't really care anymore.

Guess there's still life in this show afterall!

Shauna said...

Cori, im totally hooked too! And how good was brooke white last week singing "let it be"? im such a dork, i bought it on itunes and have been listening to it nonstop...