Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm 25, I've been married for almost 5 years, and I'm a mother of 3. I should be better at cooking. But I'm not. I'm in a total cooking slump since, well I got pregnant with Ethan, a year and a half ago. I know. Pathetic. And all those grill cheese sandwich, cold cereal for dinner nights are starting to show around our waste lines. More importantly, however, I started to realize the other day that my kids just may be missing out on some important nutrients. Yikes, what kind of mother am I? But here's the problem: I go to the grocery store, and I'm like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to keep 3 kids under control. So I buy random stuff, and then when I go to make dinner, I don't know what to make, and even if I found some good recipe, I would have NONE of the ingredients. So, I'm enlisting help. Listen up all you fellow bloggers out there: I NEED YOU! If you have any good, easy, healthy recipes, please please please, leave them in my comments box, or email them to me at You know, recipes that work for you, that your family loves, that your kidlets will eat! Anything! Even if I don't know you and you just stumbled onto my blog, even if you think it's just a regular old recipe. I really need to mix it up and get the fam eating healthier. I would be totally grateful, and believe me, my family will thank you even more.


arah said...

if you go to my friends cooking blog at you can find tons of kid friendly recipes on there. She recently found out that one of her kids is allergic to wheat and soy, so if you go back to the begining of the posts, there are like 3-4 recipes per post. She has 4 kids and is a really, really good cook.

Jackie said...

I used to do the exact same thing and believe me change now when Hannah is still fairly little. My oldest, Adam, is a way pickier eater than the other two, most likely because I fed him the same stuff day after day! What I do now is I come up with a menu once a week. I don't schedule which day to make the meals but just come up with 7 meals for dinner. Then, I fill my grocery list with all the ingredients that I need for those meals. Then, each day I pick one of the meals from the list and I know I have all the ingredients for the meal. It makes it so much easier for me because I don't need to think about what to make I just pick something off the list. We also get a lot more variety because I am actually thinking about what I am going to make ahead of time. Two great cookbooks I have found are, The Essential Mormon Cookbook and Essential Mormon Celebrations. Almost all the recipes I have tried are really good and pretty easy too! You can get either of them at Deseret Book or Seagull Book. Also, I don't know if you've seen but we are doing a recipe exchange group starting in September for midweek activities. You could join one of the groups! Happy Cooking!

Forever Young said...
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Forever Young said...

I made this one up---don't worry Ashton loves this one so I know it will taste good to the normal world

-Two chicken Breasts cut up into small little cubes (make sure they aren't too thick)
-Two cups of corn flakes (mash them into small crumbs with your hands), you can also use wheat squares-kind of like frosted mini wheats minus the frost.
-A couple scoops(about 3/4 cup, add more if needed) of mayonnaise (you can also use plain yogurt if you want to be more healthy)
-Parmesan Cheese (grated) 1/2 cup
-1 Garlic Glove minced
-Dill 6-7 shakes (only if using yogurt)
-Bone appetite (optional and only if using yogurt)
-Paprika 1/8 tsp(add a little more if using wheat squares)
-Basil two shakes
-Parsley two shakes
-Salt to taste

Mix all of the seasonings and garlic with the mayonnaise(or yogurt) and cheese. Dip the chicken in the mixture then roll around in the well crumbled corn flakes or wheat squares. Bake in the oven at 350 on foil until the inside of the chicken is cooked (about 15 min.)

It's really fast to make and the clean up is easy(just throw away the foil).

Roger and Amy Ann Deming Family said...

I am actually so much in the same boat these days! So, if you get any good recipes or advice pass it on girlfriend! We do a lot of chicken and rice... boring same old stuff. Variety would be nice. Grilled chicken salad is what we had the other night, but my kids love salad. It was super yummy! I love my grill and it saves me some nights. So, I guess I could suggest more grilling less greasiness. Fish is good - for my hubby. (not my kids so much)

Janet said...

You're a crack up! I don't have any fun recipes except for the usual: tacos, spaghetti, hamburgers (does that need a recipe??) etc. But, I will pass on some advice. If possible, go at night without the kids? And second, I always plan my meals out for the week, and then buy whatever ingredients I need. I post the list of meals on my fridge, so when it's time to make dinner I just choose from the list knowing that it's something they'll like, and that I already have the ingredients. It takes some of the stress out of meal planning/fixing for me. Good luck!

autumn said...

Next time you come to my house, we will talk recipes. I feel the exact same way, but have come up with a few that are super easy and good in the nutrition department. Anywho, the sad thing is I'm best at baked goods. My kids (being Gracie) have actually had cookies for dinner. Sean was working late and this is between us as it would horrify him.

JessieC said...

Hey Cori, if you scroll down my blog I have a receipe section that I change occasionally:) with my favorites. Also, there are a couple of blog sites on my list of bloggers that are just recipe blogs. Try them. *Bakerella is kind of fancy, but the others are great.

A.C.K. Family said...

Adam helped me start a cooking blog with my sister and you can link to it from our blog on the top left. I always felt like I was making the same stuff so I started the cooking blog and starting writing a menu for the week and grocery list on bottom. I take the menu and receipt and put them in a sheet protector in a binder so that I can look back. It really helps me and then I only have to go to the store once a week and I don't have to put alot of thought into dinner time. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I hate to cook. In fact almost daily I wish for the lunch fairy to come and then food will magically appear on my table. Here are the tips that work for us.
1. Lots of people have said make a meal list. My favorite place for new recipes is at scroll down and on the left side and look for Frugal Recipes YUM! There are over 300 recipes there and most take only 15 min. to put together.
2. Before you go to the store make your list look like the grocery store list as much as possible. (ie list all produce, then bread, sandwich stuff, fresh meat, etc)
3. Buckle in as many kids as possible. The "car" carts are smaller but usually have 2 seatbelts.
4. The worst place for me is checkout because there are so many things within reach. I try to find the shortest line and then make sure the kids are in between the cart & me.
5. If my list has more than about 20 items (including milk) I can't take the kids by myself. Usually I end up waiting until Scott is home on the weekend and we go all together. Then at least I have another set of hands.

jordan and maci said...

ah cori-- why can't i read your blog anymore? ever since you changed the background i have only been able to look at pictures! what am i doing wrong? help...

jordan and maci said...

okay, i saw this on t.v. the other day and thought it genius! it's a website called they create a dinner calendar FOR you as well as a shopping list you can print for the things you will need for the week. talk about a no-brainer! i am totally going to be abusing this site when i feel up to cooking again. good luck!