Monday, March 22, 2010

oh my(ley)

thank you Ashton for getting me hooked on the Miley Cyrus song "Party In the USA" after I officially swore that I would never ever like anything by Miss Cyrus.

I am now obsessed.

Listened to it at least 6 times in a row.

Pretty sure I'm going to put it on the ipod.

I am such a teenage girl.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

john mayer, and stuff that's making me happy in my house.

I wish John Mayer wasn't such a complete idiot. I seriously love that man's music; his new song, Heartbreak Warfare is especially good, but the fact that he is a total moron in real life kind of almost ruins it for me. Do all true artists have to be insane? I mean come on. I usually just listen to his stuff, and try to forget that a psycho wrote it...

And now for the house. Yes, I know this post is total randomness. But hey, it's almost a miracle that I am posting more than a quick pathetic sentence at all. So, my house is basically more than twice the livable space of my old house. Our old house was 2000 sq feet, but 650 of that was an unfinished basement. My new house is 2850 sq feet of carpeted and tiled goodness. Oh how I love my home. But one problem, we have no stuff for it. Combination of changing my decorating theme... all the red got old, and doubling the living space. Any ways, I'm also going to school, so is Craig, and we have a front and back yard to put in, so home projects go. really. slow.

Here are a few improvements/purchases that are making me very happy, and also making our house feel like home.

1. The little counter coming in from the big garage. My mom helped me put this all together when she came to visit a couple weeks ago. AND. I. LOVE. IT.

It's the perfect area to put keys and mail, and drop my purse, but it's also decorated. Cute organization makes me happy.

2. This is for mom. I picked this baby up at a garage sale for 55$. And it was ugly, part real wood, part veneer, there was a brass mesh thing going on on the two side windows, and the hardware was hideous. It seriously looked like 1995 people. But the structure was good, and it was unique, it had personality and I thought, "potential." Though I wasn't sure...

So I spent too many hours to even divulge taking it all apart, cleaning, sanding, filling old hardware holes, priming, painting, painting, painting, faux finishing, and attaching new hardware, and voila! It goes very nicely in the nook across from the dining room.

I am quite proud of the finished product. If you think it's ugly, don't tell me. I may cry.

3. Vintage Lamp. I found this baby at a Methodist church rummage sale. Never underestimate the power of a good RUMMAGE SALE. 10 Bucks for this baby. It was an okay cream color, but not very distinct. I can't have that!
So I spray painted it green and then rubbed on a nice stain to age it. I love the way it looks now.

My one problem: it's a giant lamp! I can't find a big enough lamp shade that isn't boring or ugly. But don't worry. I will prevail.
4. Awesome Eiffel Tower picture. You are going to hate me for this one. This picture was originally 160$ at hobby lobby. I found it in the 80 percent off bin because there was a chunk missing from the top left hand corner and apparently people don't want to pay that much for a picture that's got a messed up corner. I looked at it and thought, "I can fix that so easily and you will NEVER be able to tell." So I snatched it up for 30 dollars.
I put wood filler on the crack and used a little black paint, not even with a brush, just the end of my finger. You tell me, can you even tell?

5. The mammoth wall. Not really a joy, although the picture/clock thing makes me happy. I just wanted you all to appreciate what I am up against. The picture and clock are huge and the wall just dwarfs them. I have a few ideas for that empty space on the left, but I haven't found what I'm looking for yet... also, we painted this room over a month ago, and I've decided, it's too light. boo. I need to repaint. and also, I cannot find fabric to suit my fancy for curtains yet either. Still lots to do.
6. Apothecary Jars. Oh how I love these babies. Oh, how I've looked for them EVERYWHERE for this awesome fruit I found at Ross about 6 months ago, to no avail. The only place I saw them was online at Pottery Barn for over 50$ a piece. Yikes. Not gonna pay that much. So the other day I went to Ross, actually to look for a lampshade for my vintage darling, and guess what I found? THESE BABIES. I seriously let out a yelp in Ross. Best part. they were less than ten dollars each. I found a fourth one, and bought it too because it was a miracle. It's in my laundry room housing vintage clothespins. So 40 bucks for 4 beautiful apothecary jars. LIFE. IS. GOOD. in bargain world people.

There is a reason why I almost NEVER pay full price for anything. Patience, and hard work pay off.

Lastly, I must give a nod to my dear mother, who imparted her bargain hunter genes and mad skills to me. And also helped me hang that giant picture when she was here, which I could never have hung alone, and also folded laundry and played with the kids so I could prime my huge curio. thanks mom. mucho.

ps. I know I'm a dummy for not doing before pictures, but like I said there is a lot on my plate and little details like that get swept aside.

Monday, March 8, 2010

and it's not even me.

i am so excited about my little sister Meghan's baby, i could just scream! i wish i lived closer than 12 hours away right now, or my hands would be all over her belly.

ps. can she get any cuter pregnant? I submit that she cannot.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Carter, sitting at the counter with a mouth full of Cherrios (that he poured himself) for his late afternoon snack:

"I wanna live at Home Depot."


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

remember this?

spread the word to end the word.

tomorrow. 3.03.10.

pledge with me.

and stop using the r word. (retard)

if not for me, do it for my brother matt.