Thursday, May 20, 2010

this is not china town.

this is the real thing.
Craig in
Beijing, China

man, I love this guy...
Just in case you were looking for the world's best man:
he's taken.
I married him.
love you baby.


Brenner Family said...

Cori you are SO CUTE! Makes marriage so much easier when you are in love huh?! That sounds wrong but in reality its the truth! From one in love woman to another ;)
and BTW....YUCKOOOOO on the first picture, background food in the case, seahorses and other scrumptious looking food! hahaha

Forever Young said...

To Craig,
Just letting you know that you will need to prepare yourself for when you get back and come to Utah. We are all going to be hounding you for stories of your adventures in China... SOOOOooooo jelous, in a good way:)