Monday, September 27, 2010


Dear Self,

Can it possibly be over a month since you last posted?  How pathetic.  Well, perhaps not pathetic when taken into consideration that the reason for such neglect is that in fact life is insanely hecktic right now.  As in 3 children, two of which go two different directions to school each day, one husband who is NEVER home (grad school, full time job...), busy calling at church, a whole 2850 square foot house that needs cleaning/decorating/ up keep- pretty much all by my lonesome (since like I said before, the hubs is MIA), a yard that needs mowed, trimmed, weeded and coddled (because it is still ridiculously hot here in the Zona.) oh, yeah, and my 7 credits of classes that I am taking myself- one a 400 level literature class, the other one, French.  And a- yikes.  Okay, I don't feel like such a loser now...

Dear  Hannah,
Thank you for being perfection every single day.  For acting older than you have to, for always keeping tabs on your crazy brothers, for doing what you are told, for having a conscience, for feeling bad when you do something wrong, for saying fabulously cute things like: "Oh, Carter, you should not have done that, it was very foolish," oh, and also for looking so painfully cute every single day when I drop you off at school with your little backpack hanging all the way down to your knees.  I swear, every day I want to jump out of the car and make you come back home with me.  I don't know what I'm going to do if you ever get rebellious, because you are such a heaven-sent.
Love, Mom.

Dear Carter,
Remember how you stapled those two sheets of paper together the other day then "decorated" them, (which means colored all over them with a red crayon) and then called it your indian hat?  And you wore it at dinner, and to bed and then to preschool the next day.  Yeah, that was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Thanks for reminding me that amid all the chaos that is your personality, you are pretty dang awesome.
Love, Squaw.

Dear Ethan,
You have the most delectible little body in the world.  You're squishy, so deliciously squishy, and you're spunky and hilarious, which makes the squishiness even more desirable, and also your skin is so sweeeeet.  Except now the mosquitos seem to have discovered your yumminess and they won't leave you alone.  Your siblings wake up without so much as a nibble on them and you have been the midnight buffet.  I don't even know where they are coming from but they head straight for you.  I love that I have to rub bug repellent on you before bed, but I don't like that it makes you taste weird.
Love, Resident nibbler.

Dear Hubs,
Remember when you used to just come home from work and we'd all hang out?  Yeah, me either.  But I bet it was really cool.
Your wife,
Remember me?  The short one, who birthed all your babies.

Dear Arizona,
Are you kidding me?  108 on September 27th.  109 TOMORROW.  If this is a joke, it is the worst one ever.  Come on, it's fall already, let's try to act like it.  Get with the program.
Love, I'm tired of  the sweaty face/dribble running down between my non-existent chest, and I am sick of my SUMMER CLOTHES.

Dear House,
I still love you, even if you are a pain to paint.  You are really starting to show some progress.  Thank you,
Love, Girl in the paint splattered clothes.

Dear Reader,
the end.