Wednesday, August 26, 2009


25 is half way to 50.

go you.

Happy Birthday.

your big sis.

Saturday, August 22, 2009




6 years
3 kids
6 apartments
1.5 houses
2 degrees.
4 states
3 "real" jobs
a few vacations
alot of stress

one husband who still likes to check me out.

happy anniversary.
i still love you.
more than ever.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


remember how last week, i showed you a picture of our "firm foundation?"

by thursday we had framed walls and ceiling trusses.

yesterday we had this.

remember the song about the foolish man building his house upon the sand, and what happens...
apparently, you get the same result when the foolish man accidentally lays the house out 2 feet back and to the side from where it was supposed to be plotted.
...and the house on Roselle got bulldozed away.
sniff sniff...
ps. since they are starting over completely, it adds another 2-3 weeks before we move in. we got a free rv gate out of it, so it's not a total loss i guess.
so much for hoping for a drama-less home build.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

book worm.

i went in to get ethan up from his nap the other day and this is what i found.
apparently he's following in his mother's footsteps.

can this child get any more delicious? i think not.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

you've got to have a firm foundation...

and now we do.


side note: this is a house just around the corner from ours, same model, that's a few weeks ahead of ours in the building process. they're all framed so we like to go over there and look at the way the rooms will lay out. this is not my kitchen, but it is the way my kitchen will be laid out. that island has me leaping for joy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

for the benefit of family... living far away.

a photo journal of hannah's first day of kindergarten.
Our Celebrate the School year dinner.

complete with a cake.

and a fashion show of this little lady's "first day" outfit.

her clothes laid out before bed.

ready to head out.

walking to school, and I quote: "mom, my backpack is very heavy. it's giving me lazy legs."
this dear is only the beginning.

outside the kindergarten playground

happy girl.

not so happy brother.

said "hello" to her teacher, miss hann.
she is very pretty and sweet.
thank goodness.
no crotchety old kindergarten teachers here, no sir.

one. last. hug.

lining up.

so tiny.

hannah doing her, "i'm focused" face.

"i'm nervous/embarrassed" face.




here comes miss hann!

this kid threw one massive fit when we left, i had to drag him off the premises.
sad sad.

but then we went to the park.

and he decided it might not be so bad to stay home with mom.

except for saying, "hannah, bye bye." ethan was oblivious.

the pick-up. this little chicky had fun at school.
this brother was happy to see her.
so was her mom.
kindergarten rocks!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tuesday evening dialogue.

Last night we were in Hannah's room trying to read scriptures and the boys were being rowdy. Ethan was doing his hop run whilst screaming gleefully, and Carter was pretending to be a lion. I looked at Carter, who was wrestling in Craig's restraining arms and said in my very serious mom voice:

"Carter, how do three-year-olds act during scriptures?"

He threw up his claws, scrunched up his nose and growled,


Well, yeah.

We laughed all night at that one...

PS.I'm writing this with Carter standing precariously balanced on my shoulders. Why are all boys monkeys?

Monday, August 3, 2009

cinnamon toast.

I'm eating cinnamon toast right now, because it's 9:30 at night and I feel like a snack and nothing really sounds good. And when your hungry and nothing sounds good, cinnamon toast is always a good bet.

My family is all asleep. The kids tucked in their beds with sweaty heads, and Craig has fallen asleep on the floor of the family room. That man can sleep anywhere, I wish I were that lucky. When everyone goes to sleep before me, I start thinking.

Hannah got five shots today. Five. For some reason it's easier to watch your baby get shots than your five year old, who is now old enough to understand exactly how terrifying the experience is, and then be traumatized by it for a few hours after. Babies forget the second you stick a binky in their mouth. Well, not Hannah. She never did. I was thinking about the first time she got vaccine shots five years ago (has it really been that long?) She screamed for a good 30 minutes afterward, even though I'm pretty sure they didn't hurt anymore. She's always been the kind of kid who holds on to stuff. She did so well as the creepy male nurse proceeded to stick five different needles in her little miniature arms, but she talked about her shots for the rest of the day, which makes me think she was being extra brave for the benefit of mom. And when they were done the man-RN handed me her immunization card and said, "She's done. No more shots till 12." Twelve. That's a long time away. Check that milestone off.

When we were done I drove over to the Elementary school with her newly completed card to finish up registering her for kindergarten. I acted as much like an adult as I could as I spoke to the lady at the front desk but I felt like an impostor. Those attendance ladies still intimidate the crap out of me. I feel like just got a tardy or something. So Hannah is registered for Kindergarten now. Another milestone, slightly painful.

After I went home, I felt a little weird. Too many big things in one day. And I tried not too think about how they do all day kindergarten down here. 8-3 everyday. Holy cow. Seven hours is a long time for a 5 year old to be away from mom. And I know how much Carter is going to miss playing with his sister. It makes me sad.

This evening, we looked over our upcoming schedule for the next few months. Craig is finishing up the last of his to-do's before he starts his MBA this fall, he's also slammed at work, Hannah starts all day kindergarten next Monday, and I'm going back to school (part-time, at night) at the end of the month. Oh yeah, and we're building a home.

Life is about to get crazy. Really really crazy. It's the calm before the storm. And there really isn't anything to do right now, but think about the craziness and plan a way to navigate it.

That, and eat cinnamon toast.