Friday, July 30, 2010


girls camp.  ah yeah. check out my friend Renae's more cowbell shirt.  love this girl.
batman a la backyard.
nice indian.  oh good.  we don't want the scalping kind...
stopping at the road side jewelry stands in nowheresville, az.
checking out the merchandise.
seeing my sister again after way. too. long.
playing with grandpa's new pup, Tucker.
sa-weet dog. semi-sweet kids.  haha.
the wasatch back.
the team: "No More Runs."  pun. intended.
my longest run.  7.4 miles on a gravel road climbing avon pass.  hot+hills= he**. just kidding, it was awesome, but the hardest run of my life.  look at hard core me go.
the baton hand off, and a kiss.  double bonus.
woo, and a hoo.  only 2 more runs and about 25 hours to go.
Craig literally chucking his water bottle back to Justin, who was (obviously) not ready for it. 
done with run 3.
hubs, me, dad-in-law
not loving a 15 hour car ride.
the grand canyon.  meet the scruffy family.
all my favorite people.
the 4th of July
watching the fireworks
he had a big day.
happy kids.
a fishing we will go.
that's not blood under his nose.  it's chocolate.  yummy yummy boy.
fishing without fish.
hannah the vampire. tee hehe.
6th birthday ear piercing.
showing off  our earings.  as hannah said, "we match mom, but our earings aren't the same."
just hanging out.

he pillow bet.

the end.
for the record, bloggers new picture loader sucks.  and i can't remove the extra picture of ethan.
oh well.

happy summer to you.


Giles Fam said...

What cute pics!! Love the update. Now I need to update our blog. (not too excited)---but it looks like you guys are busy and having fun! And you look cute--as always! One of these days we will make it to AZ for a visit---in the winter. Love their winters! :)

My Life as a Domestic Goddess said...

I hove not checked in with you guys in awhile. I can't believe how long your hair is. Your family is as cute as ever! Looks like you all are having a great summer!

RachelBarker said...

What a fun summer and your kids are stinkn' cute!

Marc and Stacy said...

Looks like SUCH a fun summer! I'd love to run something like that one day! :)Your family is gorgeous!

Rushele said...

You and your family are too cute!!!
Looks like lots of fun times for the Robinson family!

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