Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sophie's Room Giveaway

Did you come back for the giveaway? You will not be disappointed. You have 3 chances to win. Would you like to see the prizes?
I bet you would...

1st Prize:
Meghan Floral Bib Necklace

2nd Prize:
Black and Silver Floral Brooch

3rd Prize:
Pink Posies Headband

Here's how to enter:

1. Grab my etsy shop button from the sidebar and post it on your blog and post a link to the giveaway. Then leave me a comment letting me know.


2.Put a post with a link to my etsy shop (
on either your blog or facebook and a link to the giveaway. Then leave a comment letting me know.

If you don't blog or facebook, DON'T FEAR, you can still enter.

3.Go to my shop and look around, then let me know what you like best by leaving a comment.

Most important LEAVE ME A COMMENT so I know who you are.

You have until Saturday Dec. 5 to enter.

Winners will receive one of the previous delights, shipping on me!

Good Luck.

Happy Accessorising.


Giles Fam said...

Yay! I'm the first one!! I have your button, and I commented about you on my blog. How fun! Good luck with your new etsy shop. Your stuff is so cute!

P.S. What are your guys' plans for the holidays!?

ashley said...

Hey Cory, I LOVE the headband! But I didn't see it on your etsy site...are you selling those as well? Hope all is well! Ashley.

ashley said...

PS...I posted your link! Good Luck with your business...everything is soo cute!

Forever Young said...

Have I mentioned lately how amazinf you are...Well you are...and don't you dare forget that...even for a second.
I love you, more than words.
PS Love the Meghan Bib:):):)

Nothing but smiles for you!

Maran said...

Okay, Cori, I posted it on my blog! I hope I win!!! You did an awesome job making them!

Unknown said...

The Tarah Floral Bib Necklace is absolutely gorgeous! As are all the headbands. Amazing job!

RachelBarker said...

Hey Cori~ As any body knows looking at my blog, I'm not to savvy with the blog. How the heck do you add a link? I thought I knew but apparently not! You are one talented cookie.

Mama-Face said...

Oh, Cori...I had no idea! Your Button is on my blog. The necklace and broach rock.

rachel said...

all so cute! I think i like the necklce best! good luck with your business!