Sunday, March 23, 2008

last week, in a nutshell

It's kind of been a crazy week, surprise surprise, so I haven't really posted anything, although there were some very interesting moments. So here's the not so "reader's digest" version of last week:

Started potty training Carter, full on no more diapers, big boy underwear and all. Carter's kind of a strange kid and even though I put him on the potty every 20 minutes and he went every time, he still managed to pee and poop his pants 3 times. Enough for one day, I thought, so he finished out the day in a diaper. This was only further cemented by the fact that my junkie 2nd hand dryer quit working Monday afternoon. Why does that always happen when you've got your last 2 wet loads, so you end up with gross mildew clothes? Disgusting.

I started Ethan on rice cereal:-( I'm not ready for my baby to not be completely dependent on me as his food source. But, unfortunately after 4 days of screaming I realized that his little tummy might not quite be ready for it, so darn it we are just going to have to wait a few more weeks...

Hannah does school, and I have a group I go to with some of the other women in the ward called, the 12 week challenge program, not to be confused with 12 steps, very different... I am not an alcoholic. It's all about laying the correct foundation for success, kind of one of those "take control of your life" things and I love it! If any one's interested it's written by Sidne O'Reilly.

I went to a mid-week kick boxing class that my friend Lori teaches, and they call it "kick" boxing for a reason, because it totally kicked my booty. I thought I was in shape because I work out everyday, boy was I wrong. Then I spent the rest of the day running back and forth between my friend Miranda's house and my own because our dinosaur of a computer doesn't have a DVD drive and I needed to load a program that was on a DVD. So I would go to her house, load half the program on our jump drive then run back to mine, unload it, then go back... etc, etc. It was a mess. This was all in preparation for what we did Thursday night, we started our open water diver certification course! My mom came down and watched all three kids and we spent all evening 5-11:30 (yikes) on our first 3 classes. Thanks, mom.

Especially since she watched all three kids again when we did our first 2 open water dives. Craig took Friday off and we drove up by Heber City to this crater, that's kind of like a cavern filled with water, and it's nice and toasty... 93deg. it was like diving in bath water. I loved it! We dove down 40 feet so it was pretty intense, and very cool. We had to get up at 6 am to be there by 8, so we were pretty dead on our feet since we didn't make it to bed till 2am, but we had a blast! Thanks again, Mom, for watching the kids.

We spent the day doing all sorts of random "get the house in order" stuff in the morning and Craig fixed the dryer... again, props to Craig. We
finished up the Easter shopping in the afternoon, spent the evening coloring our eggs, and the
night setting up the baskets and watching "I AM LEGEND" oooohhhh creepy!

SUNDAY: Happy Easter!
We got up and did our little Easter egg hunt around the family room (still too chilly for outside) and then got ready and went to church. Hannah looked like a little angel in her blue Easter dress, it went so pretty with her blue eyes!

So that was our week, for better or for worse.


Scott said...

WoW! Sounds like you've had an incredibly busy week! I think the picture of you, Hannah, and Carter should be blown up and's ADORABLE!!!!

P.S. I remember your Hyundai.....didn't we call it the Ladybug?

MiChElLe said...

Well, it sounds like you had a crazy but great week. Your kids are so cute! Hannah looks like such a ham in her dress ( I think that she knows she looked very cute!) Take care! We hope that you had a great Easter.

Forever Young said...

-Don't you love that our husbands can fix just about anything. Think of all the money we will be saving in the long run.
-You were right Hannah looked like an angel in her blue dress...
-Props for starting both boys on something new, trial and error right:)
-I love that picture with Mom and the little munchkins.
-I get so emotional and happy when I see your cute family progressing.
-Love you sis, so much!!!

Forever Young said...

ps...your hair is absolutely adorable in a grown up sort of way. I love the way it frames your face.

Giles Fam said...

wow..what a week! sounds like you guys were really busy--and had a lot of fun! That's awesome--and I really like your new haircut, too. So, i have a weird request. From what I've seen--you have such a cutely decorated house! I would love if you gave like a "blog tour" some time or something with pics of it. If not, no big deal. Maybe we'll get to see it in person some time!

ps...our ward Book Club is doing Goose Girl right now, too!

The Sharp Family said...

Holy cow! What a week! HAPPY VERY LATE EASTER!!!! I hope you guys had a great Easter. We missed seeing you guys. The kids are changing way to fast. Weneed to get together soon! Love you guys!