Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Technical Problems

Sunday night Craig and I were doing some stuff online, and all the sudden the internet stopped working. Oh well, we thought, we'll just finish up in the morning. Uh, ah. In the morning it still wasn't working so I called the phone company to tell them that our DSL was down. They said they would send someone out as soon as possible. Yeah, okay. So I'm waiting at home all day on Monday, I didn't even take the kids to the park(and it was a beautiful day), just in case they came by to fix it. Guess what, they didn't. So Tuesday, I call again. Oh yes, they say, for sure someone will be there today to fix it, it never takes more than two days for someone to come by and fix it. So once again, I wait at home, and once again, no one shows. Today, I call again and get the same load of crud from the phone company, and Craig decided enough was enough. So he clouded up and rained all over the phone company, and guess what happened, they showed up ten minutes later to fix our internet. Hmmmm. I hate being a girl, no one takes you seriously. Craig said that I just needed to get a little aggressive with them, I told him I thought I was being aggressive. I even tried to use my "I'm a big angry adult" voice. But, for some reason I couldn't adequately intimidate them into actually fixing the problem. Well anyways, we're back up and running now! yippee! I swear I'm an internet alcoholic or something. I was totally going through withdrawals for the last 4 days! Plus, it doesn't help that we pay all our bills and do all of our banking online, so it was totally stressful to not get on and take care of business. You never know how much you depend on something until it's not working. Anyways, I'm happy to be up and running again.


Forever Young said...

Cori Raquel just posted a couple of pictures on her blog, and one of them is of her sister in law. She totally looks like Tracey from that angle.

Forever Young said...

That story is hilarious because in my little family, I am the one who has to send the rain storm. Ashton will talk to whomever we are having and issue with hang up the phone and kind of look at me with a face that says... "well?" It is then that I know what he is asking me to do? Funny!!!

The Sharp Family said...

I completely understand! Shawn has to take care of everything, because when I try nothing gets done. I can call five hundred times and get the same response everytime. Shawn calls once and immediately everything is taken care of.