Monday, March 3, 2008

Hannah, Carter, and Ethan

So I realized that I really haven't been posting any pictures of the kiddos lately and they change so quickly that it is scary. So here is every random pictureand some quick info. about what my little munchins are up to.

Quick facts on Ethan: he is absolutely my sweetheart. The kid has the cheeriest diposition I've ever seen. And yes, I know I'm ripping off Mary Poppins, but I can't help it, this kid just makes me happy. Also please notice the michilin man thighs... he's a porker. The fire chief jammies are in honor of papa, love you Dad. He's already four months old, sad, I wish they could just stay little.. they get big way too fast. He loves to suck on his thumb/hand, laugh (which is totally infectious), eat (obviously) and he absolutely adores Hannah. Who, by the way is also in love with him, and is such a good helper. He's rolling over, since two months, and starting to act interested in sitting up.

Quick facts on Carter: Is all boy, and I mean it. He's obsessed with horses, as always, and loves to play rough. His new favorite thing to do is tackle Hannah and then lay on her, totally pinning her to the ground, gotta love boys. Got extremely obsessed with leftover Valentines balloons and snuck one into bed one night, which for Carter is not out of the ordinary... he's always got a little collection of toys and books in bed with him. He is NOT morning person, as you can see, although for some insane reason his little head pops off the pillow at 5:30 am every single morning. He's FINALLY really starting to talk, yeah, that's at 2 1/2, we just call him our strong silent type, and he's got one of the meanest glares I've ever seen. That kid can stare you down for ten minutes straight without cracking a smile. But, he's also quite the teez. As my mom put it: "Carter has many moods!" But we love our little cowboy, and the terrible 2's only last a year... which brings me to...

Hannah: Oh what can I say? Hannah was in the terrible 2's for like 2 years, starting at about 18 months and ending at 3 1/2. But, I love that little stinker so much. She is such a crack up. Her favorite frase right now is saying "or something" after just about everything. She goes to pre-school and LOVES it. She can spell her name, and can almost write it all by her self. She loves to help me cook and is slightly obsessive about this. Every time I go in the kitchen to do anything, even pour a bowl of cereal, she runs in asking, "can I please help, Mommy?" and b-line's it right to the drawer where I keep the apron I made for her and starts putting it on. How can I say no to that? She loves to read, loves babies, but most of all she LOVES princesses. Which is fitting because she is totally my little princess!

The rest of these are just random pictures. The first one was just one day when they were all three laying on the floor in our room watching "An American Tale" and it was so cute I couldn't stop myself from taking a picture. I'm sure you notice the lovely bum shots, in the second one. This is a constant problem in our household, my kids pants DO NOT stay up and so we constantly have plumber's crack. I tightened the little waist adjuster straps so tight that they were digging into Hannah's skin and she was telling me that her pants where hurting her, and yet her bum was still hanging out! Oh well, what do you do.And, of course I saved the best for last... Grandma! My kids are seriously in love with my angel mother.. which isn't really that surprising. Everyone that has ever met my mom is in love with her, she's pure sugar. So this is the kids helping Grandma make her famous cinnimon rolls. Grandma Nora: "Practically perfect in every way."


Marisa said...

I love your kids' names. Hannah reminds me SO much of you when you were little! I know I was little then too but still. Looking at her takes me back to my childhood! You are gorgeous Cori.

Kaisa Bailey said...

It was so fun to hear more of what your kiddos are like. SO SO cute. All of them remind me of you but that is kind of unfair to Craig because I haven't known him his whole life, and still don't know him well enough. ADORABLE, just ADORABLE

Robert and Emily C. said...

Hi Cori this is Jennifer Gale(from Elk Grove, CA)...I don't know if you remember me but my sister has a blog and somehow i found you. I haven't seen you in years. Your kids are so stinkn' cute...I can't believe you have three kids. And you look exactly the same...beautiful!! I am glad I found your page, it was fun to see your family. :)

Darla said...

I'd have to agree: "Aunt Nora, practically perfect in every way".

Forever Young said...

I miss my little plumber bum Hannah. I love your children. Cori, cool page!!! Can't wait for this next weekend

Rocia said...

man, several things to share:
#1. Emilia and Carter are two peas in a pod. The whole sneaking things into bed...SOO EMILIA.
#2. I feel like all day long I am puling up my children's pants. They too have constant "crackage".
#3. I love your mommy and her awesome cinnamon rolls....mmmm!