Thursday, July 30, 2009


When I was a kid, my sister Tashi and I HATED eachother. It used to make my mom cry how much we would fight. We both have strong personalities, and the immaturity that comes with childhood didn't exactly help them mesh together very harmoniously. In fact we clashed, alot. Especially when mom and dad were gone and Tashi was babysitting us and I was not all about getting bossed around by my older sister. I was a bit of a wretch, and I guess if you asked my husband he would tell you I still am.

Luckily, we both grew up, and somehow growing up seems to change things. Our personalities are more mature, if not different than they were back then, and now the differences between us seem to make it easier to love my sister.

Thank goodness.

Because I do love my sister. I love the relationship I have with her. I love that she gives me advice and listens to all the little inconsequential goings on in my life, and gets a kick out of the stuff I tell her about my kids. And I love that when she calls to give me good news about her life my throat kind of swells up in excitement for her, and I almost do a toe-touch.

I'm proud of her. She is an amazing woman. You wouldn't believe it when you look at her, because she's gorgeous and looks like a Barbie doll, but that chickie spends all day everyday, teaching special needs kids. She wrestles them, helps them go to the bathroom, plays games with them, teaches them how to take on a world that sometimes isn't kind to them. She is so good at what she does. (And she often does it in heels, I might add-- that is awesome). Yesterday, she had another victory in her career. Way to go sis, your hard work is paying off.

What an awesome thing it is to be family. To be able to cheer for one another in our successes, and mourn with eachother in our failures. I'm so glad I've been blessed with the family I've got. And I love my big sister. She's one of my best friends.

I'm still cheering for you, Tash, toe-touch and all.


Tashina said...

I love you my little Lynners. Isn't life funny? Who knew we would end up so compatible? Thanks for being my cheerleader.... I'm so proud of you too! Thanks for the sweet words. I'm so glad you are my little sissy. I wish we lived closer but you know me.... I'm sure I'll find plenty of reasons to fly out to see you guys! Love you!