Thursday, July 30, 2009

let me tell you why...

I love this man:

(Craig riding a horse is seriously one of my favorite things to watch him do... think "Man from Snowy River.")

We went and picked out our appliances today (so fun, even with the kids!). I am the kind of person who likes to get everything on Sale. I don't buy ANYTHING full price. So you know what I would have done, gone with whatever came with the house.

You know what Craig did? He upgraded. He wants me to have a fantastic kitchen. Moms spend alot of time in there. He got the bigger dishwasher that you don't have to scrub the dishes first to use, the built-in microwave, and the tripped out five burner gas stove/oven with convection heating and a glass front control panel. I honestly can't wait to cook with it.

I picked out black... stainless steel is a no-no for little toddler fingers that like to leave little sticky peanut-butter prints everywhere. And I can't wait to see our new goods at work...

Saturday is our meeting with the designer... flooring, counter-tops, cabinets... I am in heaven.

My husband is so good to me... he is my hero.

ps. We hired a babysitter, it will make it much. more. fun.