Thursday, July 16, 2009


Why is it that the end of every vacation means a week of HE-- to get the house/life/kids back in order. So much so that I feel like I need another vacation just to recover. That and the fact that we literally squeezed every last thing that we could into our visit to Idaho and Utah. Here, friends are some highlights from the trip.

Hannah got sick in the car on the second day of driving. We've decided that Mesa is a LONG LONG way from Idaho. We left after work on Wednesday and didn't get there until Thursday afternoon late. (with a brief stop in the middle of nowhere'sville to sleep for a couple hours) Anyways, half an hour into the drive the next morning Hannah starts screaming "There's juice coming up in my mouth!" Yeah we pulled it right over, but she still managed to puke it up all over Carter's arm and blanket, but luckily nowhere else in the car. So he starts screaming bloody murder and yelling "EW!!!!" Craig and I were cracking up so bad that we had trouble even cleaning up the mess. Anyways, she spent the rest of the morning holding a bag up to her pale little face. She didn't throw up again.

This child is so delicious. I know I say that all the time, but seriously. Don't you just want to devour that?

I forgot how pretty the sunsets are in Idaho, always so vibrant. I wanted to take a picture of the kids in front of this one. This is Hannah's version of cooperating.

Sparklers, and illegal fireworks at Uncle Darren and Aunt Melissa's house. I just have to turn off the fire chief's daughter within me.

We smoked up the air pretty good.

Little pyro's in the making. Craig's mom used to let him go out on the driveway and light a handfull of matches if he was being "really good." He said it was so fun. We came from SUCH different upbringings. Unfortunately it seems our children have the same fascination with flaming objects.

Carter at random times will get slightly apprehensive. Here he is in one of his little mini three-year-old anxiety moments before they started lighting them off.

Hannah L.O.V.E.S. Craig's cousin Jenny. Well, actually all my kids do...

4th of July, lunching it up at BAJIOS! If you live in Idaho Falls, Jackson Hole, Rexburg, Pocatello, or Logan give my father-in-law's restaurant a try. You WILL NOT be disappointed. I crave this place when we are gone. They don't have any in Mesa :-(

Fourth of July Duds. We went non-matching this year. You may remember why. Anyways I think my kidlets are pretty darn cute. That, by the way, is Ethan's "cheese" face. Yummy again.

4th of July on the greenbelt, packed with people, very festive, good good food, the best of the 4th of July. I love this picture, all the big cousins taking a walk with Grandpa while we wait for the sun to go down.

Ethan "cheesing" it again.

Hitching a ride from Daddy.

My father-in-law pretty much insists that we walk about 3 miles to the VERY end of the greenblet to be right across from the place where they launch the pyrotechnics. That way you have flaming ash landing on you the entire show. It's kind of become a joke now, and it really is the best spot. But still not worth making a 9month's pregnant woman walk. (Craig is still apologizing for that one). It also means, that I have to walk another 3 miles to have one of these babies. Oh how I crave my beloved funnel cake, that comes but once a year. So worth the walk. I relished every second of this one.

My mother in law says that the country is treacherous. She wasn't kidding. Hannah's procurred this little baby playing in the spa. Watch as it grows darker with the trip. PS. She still has the bruise a week and a half later...
I love this girly.

The kids are obsessed with the trampoline. I'm obsessed with the next. Brilliance.


And there must be horseback riding of course. But nobody got kicked this year. Thanks goodness Carter learned his lesson.

Swimming up at Hi-C.

My little modest baby, you don't want to show too much skin..
Last night with Grandpa.

Down to Logan, at the Legacy center. I look pretty fierce throwing this tomahawk don't I? Too bad it just bumped into the log I was throwing it at and fell on the ground.

My husband, the warrior.

Nasty little helmets for pony riding. ew. But once again. Cute baby.

Tubin' it on Nick's boat. Hannah was so brave. We totally hit a big wave at the end and crashed into the water. I didn't want her to be afraid, so I told her we should go again. Such a trooper.
they loved handging out in the front of the boat with uncle Ashton.
Nick skiing. He is SO good.

The Hubs, skiing it up.

Takin' a break.

Sushi baby. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

My husband is not capable of taking a non-goofy picture.

Apparently none of us are.

Lagoon. After you've been to Disneyland, Lagoon jsut seems like a giant carnival. But we still have fun.

My kids are so precious.
Uncle Matty. Speaking of cuteness.

Craig on the sky coaster. Yahooo!

My sister's threw Hannah a little Birthday party. They are the BEST aunts ever!

Hannah the little photog. She is so funny. Cute sibs.

Presents. Mmm, lots of clothes. Mommy likes that.

We went to Bear lake on Sat. and I didn't take a single picture. Worst conditions ever. Muddy swampy, sold, choppy water, windy. Yuck. Plus, my dad got a huge call that day just as we were leaving and couldn't come. When a mountain slides down the Fire Chief has to be there. My dad is the world's BEST FIRE CHIEF!

Drove home Sunday, long long drive. But it was a great trip and we're glad to get back to reality.

Um, yikes. that was really long.


The Mullen Family said...

Looks liek you guys had fun. It brings back memories of growing up in RExburg...Hi-C, 4th of July on the Greenbelt, etc. Wow, it has been forever since I have been back there.

Glad you guys made it home safe.

Giles Fam said...

That WAS a long post--but so fun to look at! Again, I'm glad we randomly saw you guys for a few minutes on Saturday. That was fun. Let us know if you are going to be up here for the holidays. Maybe we can get together.

P.S. You make motherhood look so easy--I just about shipped Cali off to my mom's house on Monday. Bad day--all kinds of yelling and fit-throwing while out running errands. It was bad! Then I have to think of you and my sisters who have 4 small kids, and I feel like my problems are so small. :) Good for you!

Tashina said...

Had so much fun with you and your family. I miss you guys so much! Happy Birthday to my little Hannah Banana... you will always be my favorite little girl! I can't believe you turned 5 today! Skype just wasn't enough... I hope to see you soon. Love you sweetie!