Sunday, July 6, 2008

catalog mother

You know you’ve really transitioned as a mother when you’re yelling things like “Craig come check out this poop,” and you’re genuinely excited about the extremely large terd that your eight month old just ejected out his little bum, grunting and red-faced. Yeah, I’ve become that mom. Speaking of being “that mom,” do you remember when we were young and it was totally popular for moms to order like a whole trunk load of matching clothes from the JC Penney catalog, and you spent the next year dressed identical to your younger sister. Then, your mom loads you all up in the family van and trucks you down to Olan Mills to get a nice little portrait taken in your perfectly coordinated early 90’s ensemble. I’m totally that way now, which by-the-way I totally used to bag on. For the 4th I thought it would be just “too cute” to have all three of the little munchkins in a matching little patriotic tribute, which inevitably sent me running all over town with the previously mentioned munchkins looking for the perfect little flag t-shirt that they might just have in sizes for a 3, 2 year, and 8 month old. Right, easier said than done. Well, I did conquer, and I was totally stoked about their extreme matching patriotic cuteness, and spent the day obsessing over them not getting said ensemble dirty, and then found myself even more elated when little cousin Luke showed up unexpectedly matching as well. Can life get better than 4 cuties under the age of 4 all wearing the same shirt? Hmmm, only when Hannah decided to be a total stink when I was trying to take that all-too- important, proof that you were matching at the fireworks on the 4th of July just before you turned 4 picture. Here’s your proof, and yeah, Hannah never did uncover the flag on her shirt. Arrrrr.


Maran said...

Your kids look really cute! I don't think my mom ever matched my sisters and me together when we were younger because we were too far apart in age, but I will probably do it to my kids. I love that Hannah was being a stinker. Hilarious!

jordan and maci said...

cori, your hair cut is so cute!

julie said...

haha! we found this shirt (but in gray) last week for cody at walmart. i couldn't resist when it was marked down to two bucks!! :)