Friday, June 6, 2008

Bon Voyage

So we just got back from dropping the kiddies off at my parent's in Logan. Okay, seriously the hardest thing ever! I balled like a baby when we drove off, as I got further and further away from my kids, ESPECIALLY my baby. I'm doing okay now, but I was a mess earlier. I'm seriously lucky though, because we have like the most naturally secure children in the world. None of them cried at all, Hannah was comforting me, "It's okay Mommy, you'll be back soon." I know I'm pathetic. Today as we're driving up Hannah goes; "Mommy, you're going to really miss me... but it's okay because I won't miss you." Nice. Nine days of being spoiled at Grandma's, they're totally going to love it, and that actually makes me feel so much better.

So I'm signing out. We leave in less than 12 hours, eeek! So I won't be blogging again for a week, but look forward to some wicked cool pics when we get back! Love you all! Bon Voyage!!!


JessieC said...

Have fun. It probably makes it even more exciting to leave considering it's still not warm here in JUNE!!

Darla said...

Cory!! Have fun in Cancun! We went there when Cole was 18 months. It's beautiful, but there's a lot of people asking for handouts, "propina?", NON STOP! How nice that you have parents to watch the kids. jealous, I am.