Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breeding Love

Hannah is completely obsessed with the Leona Lewis song "Bleeding Love." Everytime it comes on the radio she lets out a little 3 year old scream and starts singing along. She thinks the word "bleeding" is "breathing" so she is always asking if she can hear her "keep breathing" song. Only when she sings "keep breathing" it kind of sounds like "Keep breeding, keep keep keep breeding, love!" Now that kind of changes the meaning, doesn't it.


Marisa said...

So funny. I think it's always so hilarious which songs kids take a liking to just from hearing them at the store or on the radio.

Jessica Speed said...

She's so cute! I agree, "breeding" definitely changes the meaning. :)

The Sharp Family said...

I laughed so hard, and then when I was doing an appointment yesterday that song came on the radio and it made me laugh again!!