Friday, June 27, 2008

hangin' with the folks.

Craig's at youth conference... as a mentor. We were totally cracking up when he was packing up, like a kid all excited to go. Making sure he had his toothbrush and pillow... nerd. I love that boy. Anyways, I decided I didn't want to spend 3 days moping around the house like a zombie, (for some reason when Craig goes out of town I feel like there is no joy left in the world, I better never be a widow) So anyway, I decided to head up to Logan and spend some quality time with the fam. Tashi and I took the kids to the aquatic center today. Totally awesome place, and I do believe Carter overcame his one and only fear, water. I may or may not post about the benefits of a well chosen bathing suit. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. But I spent the rest of the evening just hanging with my parents. Apparently, my sisters without kids had better things to do, haha. It's pretty dang cool to watch my parents interact with my kids. Hannah decided after dinner that she wanted to play house. She was the mom, Carter was the dad, my dad was the kid, and my mom the friendly neighbor. I didn't get a role :-( I have a slight suspicion that she secretly made me the dog. So she walked around all night ordering my dad around, and calling him "kid." Sounds reasonable enough, maybe I should consider that name for our next offspring?
Kid has a nice ring.


RachelBarker said...

Your kids have GREAT grandparents!