Monday, December 15, 2008

to my children.

My children were fabulous on several levels this weekend. A post about why will follow shortly. But in any case, it was one of those weekend where I fell in love with my children all over again. This happens quite often. And I was thinking about how I sometimes wonder if I should have waited a few more years to have kids. I am a young mother. When you have three kids before you turn 25 that qualifies you for the title. I often think about the things I gave up by making the choice to procreate so young. It's bothered me that I don't have my degree yet, that I never got to go study abroad. We've made financial sacrifices so I could stay home with my children, I don't have nice jewelry, Craig doesn't have the skis he's wanted for 5 years, we don't drive nice cars. I don't have alot of extra "me" time, mostly I clean up milk spills, wipe noses, and change ALOT of diapers. And I look down at their chubby little faces and I can't make myself feel sorry. If I could go back, I would do it all the same. I will get my degree someday. Someday I'll have a nice car, Craig will have his skis, and the kids will grow up and I'll have more time to myself than I'll even want. But, nothing I do will be as important as the work I do everyday within the walls of my home. These are my treasures. They are eternal.

And so I say to my children, without regret:

You are the trip I did not take;
You are the pearls I cannot buy;
You are my blue Italian lake;
You are my piece of foreign sky.

(Anne Campbell, To My Child)


Ashley Mullen said...

Cute blog Cori. How are you guys? How is EM. The kids are getting so big. I can't believe we have already been out here almost 4 months. send me your email to so I can invite you to our blog.

Nikki said...

So cute Cori. We are truly blessed to be mothers!

Emily said...

That's really sweet. I know motherhood is quite difficult, but when reading your posts I realize I can't wait to have children and experience the moments like this. Thanks.

Giles Fam said...

I don't know if I qualify as a "young mother"--I had my one and only at 23--but I here ya! I think everyone has those thoughts, the "what-ifs", but then like you look at your children and remember why. Cute post!

Darla said...

I love that poem and the end, Cory. Wasn't that quoted in Women's Conference a few years back? I remember hearing that and instantly tears came to my eyes. Oh, how I LOVE my kids.., and hope that it'll just get easier and easier to accept life as it is NOW.

Marc and Stacy said...

So sweet Cori! Thanks for the little reminder that nothing can replace the gift that is motherhood!!!:)

Brenner Family said...

You are such a beautiful Mother. What makes you more beautiful is your raw honest emotions. We all have these thoughts at one point or another, it helps to know we are not alone. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank You. These are the best years of our life.

Tashina said...

Sweet Cori... I love that poem and I love that picture of you. You are so beautiful. I love you sissy!