Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i love my life.

1.i love where i live, seriously arizona rocks.
2. i love my husband, he's perfect for me, patient with me, and still wants to hang out with my moodiness after 6 years.
3. i love my new house. it's just framed walls and a roof, but dang it, it's going to be mine!
4. i love my kids.
5. i love that my kids were pretty good in target today.
6. i love target.
7. i love my classes.
8. i love the book i've been working on for the past year and a half. it makes me feel like the worst writer in the world one day, and the best the next. and hopefully soon, i'll finish editing it.
9.i love my laptop. i love that i can carry it around to any room in the house with me; untethered goodness.
10. i love the jewelry screen i saw online and went ahead and made for myself. yay, decorative jewelry.
11.i love things that serve dual purposes.
12.i love that there's an anthropologie located exactly 12 minutes from my house so i can go in and bath in the goodness of that store whenever. i. want.
13. i love ann taylor LOFT. they sell petites, xxs and 00short. beautiful feminine clothes that actually fit. so i can love that i'm tiny and still dress like an adult.
14.i love my dry skin. sure i get eczema on my hands, but i have pretty clear skin too.
15. i love the superstition mountains. we have the coolest view of them in the east valley, and they look so cool and purple every day against the clear arizona skies.
16. i love being mormon. yes i do.
17. i love that i figured out how to handle carter a little better this week.
18. i love that the inspiration came from the Lord.
19.i love that in my literature class we are studying authors like jane austen and charlotte bronte.
20. i love that i love the classics and am still obsessed with twilight. (new preview posted on stephenie's website!!!)
21. i love how long this list is... i bet you do too.
the end.


Marisa said...

And I love YOU Cori Robinson! You are such a great example to me. Seriously. And I like Ann Taylor too, but not for the same reasons, obviously. And finally, send your book over to me when you need an editor! I would love to read it.