Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mechanically Challenged

So I mowed the lawn today.

Yay, go me.

And then I decided to top it off, I would edge the lawn and then Craig would come home from work, see the amazing job I did and float into the kitchen proclaiming that there just is no one as amazing as me.


I'm totally challenged when it comes to any type of machinery, so my little surprise was ruined when I had to call and ask Craig how to turn the dang thing on. Rats! He was still totally stoked, but not quite the same ecstatic surprise as if he road in on his motorcycle and realized that I had saved him from a night of domestic chores. The sad thing is, it took me twice as long to edge as it did to mow the whole dang lawn, and half way through I almost gave up because the stupid plastic thing that whips around to cut the grass kept getting caught and I'd have to stop every half a foot and pull it back out again. Arrrr! What really peeved me is that I would really love to be a Jane of all trades, but I'm not. I'm not really naturally talented at anything. Nothing comes easily to me. I'm okay with this, most of the time. (Excepting of course when it's 90 degrees outside and I still need to feed my kids lunch and it takes me an hour and a half to edge our whopping .10 of an acre, and yes our yard is actually that small, pathetic) I feel a kind of pride knowing that I have to work for everything I get. It might not look as good, (I secretly covet peoples craftiness and decorating abilities) but for the most part I feel good about my ability to overcome my lack of artistic ability. So I don't really know where the heck I'm going with this, but I'm feeling pretty good for mowing AND edging the lawn today. It looked dang good this evening, go me, go me.


JessieC said...

I feel your pain Cori. I to am mechanically challenged. The first time I tried to mow the lawn I put the wrong gas in and Sam had to take it apart and flush out the system, OOPS! No wonder I'm not allowed to mow anymore:) I bet your .1 looks great though!

Forever Young said...

Go Cori...I am so proud of you, you are hilarious. Maybe when I have a lawn and a lawn mower I can learn too:) I totally feel your pain about things not coming naturally, I too feel like I have to work ten times harder than everyone else just to keep up. Hey but were better because we try. About the other post: yeah I did come up with it...I was at work and all of the thoughts just came to me. Love you!!!

My Life as a Domestic Goddess said...

Good for you. I will not mow the lawn. That is Matt's job. I do everything else! And I have never used the weed eater or what ever you call it. That thing freaks me out! I have thought once or twice about surprising him. But then the thought passes!