Friday, February 6, 2009

Guiltess Thursday: Mini Project

Most of guiltless Thursday was spent in the Temple, so I put the aprons on hold for yet another week. I feel like it was a pretty good cause. Although I have NEVER seen a temple that busy. It was pretty cool to see people lining up for a temple session like it was the most popular ride in Disneyland. I had to wait an hour to get in.

Consequently, I got home much too late to pull out my little Minnie sewing machine. Here instead is a mini- project. Wall letters for my boys' room.

I found this fabulous vintagey WWII airplane poster when we were at Disneyland, which I thought, was PERFECT for my little men. Their room is decorated in BI-planes. Anyways, I brought it back from California and hung it up in their room, but something was missing. (see exhibit 1)

It didn't looked finished. So I decided to do some old fashioned looking wall lettering with the words FLY BOYS. I'm pretty sure that's what they called pilots back then-- and well even if they didn't, it works for me...(so please don't tell me if I'm wrong okay)
I bought the appropriate letters at where else, Roberts-- I found a set that looked kind of like old typewriter writing. I thought they were perfect.

Then I painted them an antiqued white, and sprayed on a pecan stain, to give them a kind of faded/aged look.

Now came the problem of attaching them to the wall. I didn't want to hang them all individually because I wanted them to look more like a set. Anyways, I came up with the idea of a leather strap, to kind of play off the old fashioned airplane thing. Well, thick leather straps can get ridiculously expensive. But no fear. A quick trip to the DI produced a used leather belt (which had the PERFECT worn look) for $1.50. Yeah. Can't beat that.

I cut the belt using an exacto razor blade. And then put rivets in the belt by digging out holes and using decorative rivets and my rivet tool. (easier said than done in leather) But I thought they really finished the strap, plus they gave me something to hang it up with.
I hot glued the letters on, and voila! Done.
I hung it up over the poster, and I think it adds a nice touch. The best part? It was CHEAP! The letters were 88 cents a piece, the belt was 1.50$ and I already had the paint, stain and rivets. Less than 10$. Can't beat that.
I promise... next week I am finishing those aprons!


Giles Fam said...

So cute! Good idea about the whole D.I. purchase! Very clever. :)