Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm going to see this lady tomorrow morning. And that makes me (and my kids) very very happy.

Something I've always appreciated about my parents is there sense of spontaneity. They're the kind of people who talk themselves into life instead of out of it. Not too many people are like that. Most people don't get online and order a plane ticket for 3 days later to fly down and love up on their grandkids and daughter, even though they are going to see them in 2 weeks. My mom is awesome. So is my dad, he always encourages her to come.


RachelBarker said...

Your mom is Great! Have fun with her!
What happened to the family in Utah?

Maran said...

Your mom is so cute! I'm glad that you will be able to see her.

Rachel- You have to click on the word "this" in the post and it will link you to their blog. So sad. I must admit that I shed a tear skimming over their blog.

Giles Fam said...

Oh how fun! Hope you guys have a good time together!! I'm sure you will :)