Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chip of the old Block

I'm pretty much fanatic about chocolate milk, it's so much better than plain white, and apparently Carter feels the same way. So tonight at dinner I was having my usual glass. We were eating a little later than normal, so we were watching American Idol while we ate. I came back in the kitchen on the commercial break, and my glass had very conveniently been moved right in front of Carter's place (how mysterious) and there was a bunch spilled on the table. So I said to him, "Carter, did you steal my chocolate milk and spill it?" To which he replies: "I po` it!" (that's "I pour it" for those of you who don't talk baby) He was totally trying to pour it into his cup... how could I refuse him after that? But, unfortunately it looks as though the little stealth has got a career as a pick-pocket ahead of him :-(


Giles Fam said...

that picture is seriously adorable!

Forever Young said...

SOOO Carter. That is a hilarious story and he is so cute in that picture!!! I love that kid:)