Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reflections on a weekend of Diving...

We spent the weekend diving at blue lake outside of Wendover (and shockingly there's enough water out there to dive in) with my father-in-law and Craig's cousin Jake. There were so many random observations that I decided to do one big super blog to sum them all up, so h ere goes:

1. If your children ride with Grandma and Grandpa expect over-indulgence. They will be sticking things up their noses, and downing bags of fruit snacks by the box, and LOVING every minute of it. So will you, by the way because you will have peace and quite. That's the first time I've napped in the car, in I don't even know how long.

2. Easy-ups are just about the best invention in the world. You can pop them up just about anywhere in literally 30 seconds, and you've got your own little shelter, thanks for bringing it lifesaver.

4. Just in case anyone was wondering what the MOST uncomfortable thing in the world is... let me fill you in. Wetsuits are retched! They are so tight that you literally have to jump up and down to pull them up and when you finally do manage to get them on, it feels like they are sucking the life right out of you. Sure you're warm IN the water, but as soon as you get out, you're freezing again, and they are harder to get off when they are wet, Yuck. Not to mention the fact that they cling to every single inch of your body and enunciate every curve, so they pretty much make everyone look disgusting.
5. Also, I never realize exactly how miniature I am until I see myself in a picture and I am like 2 heads shorter than everyone else. :-(

6. There's no one who can say it better than Randy: "when I first glanced at the picture of the 4 of us decked out in dive gear standing in the middle of the desert, I thought we looked like a bunch of extras from Galaxy Quest, the cheesy Tim Allen movie. " Sad, but true.

7. I'm smiling in this picture, but what I really feel like doing, is scream bloody murder, run around in a circle flailing my arms, and rip my wet suit right off. Self control is very important in diving.
8. This is pretty much what the kids did the whole time with Grandma. Oh, and next time I'll bring an extra outfit for Ethan, who pooped all over his clothes and left Grandma with a yucky mess, and no spare outfit... oops!
9. Don't leave your brand new, very expensive mask out where your 2 year old can reach it... this is what happens.
10. Bring sun block next time... poor Hannah and Carter had quite the rosy cheeks.
11.Only Grandy and Grandma Shannon could get all three of them sitting still and looking at the camera AT THE SAME TIME! I thought this was just too cute.
All in all, it was a crazy, busy and awesome day. We were all so tired afterward, but we had a blast!


Scott said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I love that last picture with your kids.

Monique said...

Such great pictures! It's so cool that you're a diver now! It seems like it would be very exciting. I'm glad your family had a fun day :)

Monique said...

Hey! I'm back! So, I just noticed that you have Bryce and Natali on your blog do you know them? I was just wondering. Natali is my sister-in-law's sister. Does that make sense? Just curious!

The Sharp Family said...

What a fun weekend!!! I was shocked when I talked to mom and you guys were in Nevada!! I think its awesome you guys got to go.

Jessica Speed said...

Cori, I'm so glad that you put us on your friends list. I've been looking at your blog for the longest time but wasn't sure if you two would remember us. Your kids are so cute and I love to hear how your family is doing. Scuba sounds too fun, especially with the wetsutis!

Forever Young said...
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Forever Young said...

You guys look like space cadets, the cutest space cadets I've ever seen!!!