Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our House

A few weeks ago Lauren Giles asked me to do kind of a blog tour of our house with pictures. So here goes: (I apologize in advance for the dark pictures, I stink at taking "room" pictures, and also if this bores anyone.)This is the front, and yes we do have a garage, but it's in the back. I thought this was cool when we moved in, but I wouldn't recommend it now, it's kind of a pain.
This is our family room, I did a venetian plaster finish on one wall, which was SO fun to do and almost impossible to mess up, which is good for me. This is the breakfast nook in our tiny kitchen. We've got antiqued beadboard and the walls are painted a barn red, and tan with a black curtain. I love my kitchen I think it's my favorite room in our house.

This is our bedroom, it's got red again, and the walls are tan, it's probably my least favorite room of our house, I can never quite get it the way I want it, it's always a work in progress. Oh, and our bathroom.


Kaisa Bailey said...

So cute Cori, and totally you! Wish we could do it together!

Marc and Stacy said...

LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!! My kitchen is red too! I love your yellow/venetian wall too! I'd probably mess it up! You'll have to tell me how to do that...I'd love to try and do that.