Thursday, April 3, 2008

photo tag

This is a tag about favorites to be answered only with pictures.


Holiday:Animal: Food:
Vacation Spot:

Worst Habit:
you're right Cia, it is the Grandma Dot in us.
Job: Dessert/Treat:


I tag: Maran (sorry), Stace, Lauren, Rachel, Tracy, and Tashi.


Scott said...

Ha! Cori, you don't have to say sorry about tagging me! I actually enjoy doing them (I just felt bad because I had done a few and I didn't want people to get sick of them)!! I can't believe painting is one of your hobbies. After painting my kitchen, I decided that I never want to do it again! You are so crafty, though, and it doesn't surprise me!! What a fun tag!

P.S. I remember the first time I saw Hannah I thought to myself, 'Is that a miniature Cori with blond hair and blue eyes?'

Forever Young said...

The first vacation picture was of Tuscany...Are you surprised?

Marc and Stacy said...

Thanks for the tag!!!
Are you writing books now? I saw those pictures under job, so I was wondering what that meant! K, we love Disneyland. We have season time you guys go...tell us...we'll drive down and hang out! :)

julie said...

thats a cute picture of you cori. i have to agree, i can't believe you actual like to paint. come paint my house when ever your ready. :)

Unknown said...

to clear up 2 issues: Job, no I'm not writing a book, yet... it's about favorites and that would be a dream come true for me. 2nd I absolutely hate to paint, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate my house, that's the closest picture I could find :-)