Friday, April 18, 2008

Girl's Night

So I'm kind of pouting today, because Craig went out of town until tomorrow afternoon. He's the Young Men's president in our ward and he and the other leaders took the boys on an overnight backpacking trip, so I'm trying to be good about it. I just hate being away from him, it's so yucky. However, it's not all bad because my mom, and sisters are coming down tonight for a girls night. We're going to do all sorts of girly things like manicures and pedicures, and watch chick flicks, it should be quite the estrogen filled evening, so I'm pretty excited, I don't get to hang with my sisters nearly enough. Tomorrow, we're having a little Modbe bathing suit party at my house in the morning and that should be fun, Oh and here's my little plug for that. If you're like me and have ALWAYS had bathing suit issues, I seriously suggest trying one of these, they are amazing. They are so cute, they have a fit for pretty much any body type, and they are MODEST, which, as we all know is pretty much impossible to find now days. So there you go, check out the website: Anyways, Craig should be home tomorrow afternoon, so I guess I'll surivive. But still, I miss my honey.


Scott said...

I'm sorry that your husband is gone tonight. It's hard to be away from your spouse. I am leaving Scott for a week and half, which will also be tough, but at least I won't be alone in the house because I'll be at my mom's. That swimsuit is really cute that you posted. You know another great place that has modest swimsuits is, or you can just visit the store in the University mall. Their swimsuits are plain, but they look really good on (I bought one myself and although I hate myself in a swimsuit, I actually thought that this one made me look slimmer). Anyway, just another idea in case you don't find one.

P.S. We need to hang out again soon. We should go to the petting zoo with our kids now that the weather is better:)

Natali Jolley said...

Holy crap! I thought I would check up on my old friends from school and come to find out they are all grown up with a house and a bunch of bambinos. Natali and I are in Des Moines, and still going to school. I hope to be in my late 60's before I get a real job.
Looks like you have a great little family. You'll have to check out Natalis' blog

Bryce and Natali Jolley

Katie said...

Hello Cori & Craig! How are you guys doing?! We got your blog from the Klein's..isn't it crazy how after several years away from UV we still manage to find one another? The Sloans found us, so we have a lot of links on our site...anyway, you have a beautiful family and your kids are growing so fast!! Add us to your blog when you get a chance! Katie & Luke Kirkham

Giles Fam said...

ok, so that is seriously an adorable swimsuit! My friend, Tammy, just bought the same exact one. I almost went to a Modbe swimsuit party with her, but decided not to when I thought I was pregnant (because I figured I'd be getting big this summer)--well, false I guess I should have gone. They have the best suits! Amyway, sorry we missed you this weekend. I kind of saw the message late I guess--plus we had to stay in town because Sky's grandpa was coming from out of town. Sounds like you guys had a blast, though!

Giles Fam said...

oh, and by the way, the model in the pic totally looks like you. for a split second I thought it was :)