Saturday, April 5, 2008

70 Minute wait

So apparently we are not the only people who think that the Olive Garden is the best restaurant on the planet, or at least in the top ten. We went there last night with our dinner group, and had a blast. But, when we got there (we had a group of 12) we asked them how long the wait would be, and they said 50-60 minutes. All right, I guess it's worth the wait. (Oh, and they DON'T take reservations or call aheads... what's up with that?) So anyway, 70 minutes later we were STILL waiting for our table, luckily they brought out some free appetizers for the 400 people standing in the waiting area, but still 70 MINUTES! When we finally did sit down the service was fast and the food rocked! You gotta love bottomless salad and bread sticks. Mostly it was fun to get together with friends and stuff my face. We've been doing our dinner group for a couple years now, and 5 of us have had babies since we started. It's pretty fun to watch each other get bigger and bigger, have our babies, and then get smaller and smaller. With all these Mormon women someone is always pregnant. It's nice to get together with friends who are in the same situation as us. But maybe next time we'll pick a restaurant that takes reservations.


Scott said...

Is that a donut in Phil's mouth? I didn't realize that they served donuts at the Olive Garden:) That's cool that you guys do a dinner date with friends! Olive Garden is deelish!!