Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr. Carter

this little man has been at Grandma and Papa's house since Sunday and I really miss him. How could you not miss this delicious little wretch. I could kiss those cheeks off right now. Tonight Aunt Tashi texted me a picture of him climbing on a rock wall and his little body looked so cute I almost started crying. Our family has felt so incomplete without this little dude running around and terrorizing everything in his path for the past 2 days. Both of the other children have gone to bed way to easy, and Hannah keeps asking where Carter is. "Mom," she said, today as she looked up at me with a big frown on her face, "I miss him." I know sweety, I do too. Tomorrow won't come soon enough.


Tashina said...

Oh I love this kid. He cracks me up... he's such a boy! I'm pretty sure that Scooter was fed more human food than dog food while Carter was here! See you this weekend sis! I'm excited for our little get-a-way!