Thursday, October 9, 2008

my own personal literary hero.

I'm into reading, really into reading. Getting lost in a book is just about the best thing to me. And I'm no book snob, I like Pride and Prejudice and Twilight alike. What I've always loved the most about reading is falling in love with the Hero, right along with the leading lady. When I was single, it made dating a serious problem, because no man can live up to Mr. Darcy. Well, one can. But sorry ladies, he's taken. Now that I'm married, it's still my favorite part, because every hero becomes Craig. They take on his qualities, and if I think the book stinks, it's because, well, the guy just isn't as good as Craig. If his physical traits are described different than the ones I like they magically transform into dark hair and blue eyes. I love feeling lovesick for my husband. You get the best of both worlds. Who doesn't love that heart palpitating, excited, obsessed feeling when you first fall in love? I get all that, and I get the guy in the end. Everyday. Forever. I know why this is too. He's amazing. After 5 years, I still think so. The way he treats me nourishes love, and that's why I'm crazy in love with him still. Last night I stayed up until 3 am. reading a book my mother-in-law let me borrow, called Beauty. It's a retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast. Oh, so good. My heart was palpitating. I closed the book and turned off the light on my nightstand. Then I rolled over and wrapped my arms around my own warm main man. Tonight I'm putting the kids to bed early. I picked up Iron Man from the Redbox, grabbed 1/2 a gallon of BREYER'S ice cream and some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, so he knows I love him. Lucky him. Lucky me.


Marc and Stacy said...

Such a sweet post. It's so great to still be so in love, isn't it? :) You guys are adorable.

Amy Jo said...

have i ever told you that i want me and my husband [wherever that guy happens to be...] to be just like you and craig. i love reading your posts because i can't wait to have that. =] love you cori!